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Head Coach: Frank Hart 


The powerlifting team competed at the 2021 2A State meet at Conway Springs

Congratulations to all the participants and to the girls team for placing 4th!

Kelbi Markham - 2nd in bench, 4th overall

Abby Criqui - 1st in bench, 1st in squat, 2nd in clean, 1st overall

Marlen Long - 5th overall

Jolie Hielscher - 3rd in squat, 4th overall

Cleo Feltner - 1st in bench, 3rd overall, bench meet record

Kate Baker - 3rd in bench, 4th overall

Jocie White - 2nd in bench

Sam Conger - 3rd in bench, 3rd in clean, 6th overall

Ben Detwiler - 2nd in bench, 6th overall

Jalen Massey - 6th in bench

Calvin Garihan - 7th in bench

Evan Feuerborn - 5th in bench

Jace Brecheisen - 7th in bench

Grady Smith - 3rd in bench, 2nd in squat, 2nd overall

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